Photos Can Be Used to Deny Disability Claims

Insurance is a business, and as such, an insurance company will do everything it can to increase the money that goes in and decrease the money that goes out. This usually means that it will exert significant effort in trying to deny as many claims as possible. However, this can become a problem if a legitimate claim has been denied.

According to the website of Fields Disability, denied claims can be appealed, so don’t be afraid to ask why your claim has been denied and fight back.

Questioning your disability

But why are claims denied? One of the most common reasons is that your disability is questionable. It can be questionable because of many things, like when you don’t have enough medical records to prove it or when you have photos that prove that you are still quite capable.

The first one can easily be fixed by undergoing more medical tests, getting your medical records, and asking medical professionals to write opinions to make your claim more authoritative. But the second one can be problematic.

Yes, pictures can be used to make your disability questionable, especially if these pictures signify that you are capable of doings things that a disabled person should not be.

Taking pictures

An insurance company investigates cases not just to save money, but also to give coverage only to those who truly deserve it. One way to investigate is to record you in public. The insurance company may employ an investigator to take pictures of you, like when you are casually walking outside, taking the trash out, lifting heavy objects out of the house, and other physical activities that may show that you are not as disabled as you claim, and therefore does not deserve to be compensated.

Searching social media

Because of the rise of technology, the insurance company may not even get off the building to investigate you. It may just look into your public profiles and look for signs that you are not as disabled as you claim. The most common public profiles it may utilize are social media ones, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The website has written an interesting piece about social media and denied disability claims.

If you have public photos that show you doing things that a disabled person cannot do, and that these photos are posted in a time where the disability claim is already relevant, your claim may be denied because of your disability being questionable.

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